Inspiration For A Traditional Christmas With A Modern Day Flair

Needing some traditional Christmas inspiration with some modern day flair?

Welcome and Merry Christmas! I feel honored that you have stopped by and that I am able  be part of a wonderful group of bloggers that are spreading the Christmas Cheer by opening their doors to show their wonderful Christmas Sparkle Home Tours. If you haven’t seen the other Home Tours yet I will leave a link below.

For those of you that don’t know me, Hi I’m Fiona and I live in a country town in NSW, Australia. Each year I like to change things up a bit. After the heat waves we have had the last couple of years I felt the need to decorate in a way that would give me the illusion that it is cooler than what it really is. (You see I don’t have air-conditioning YET – so a girl has to do, what a girl has to do).

On that note let me walk you through starting at the main door!

Holiday Front Door Display

As you come up to the front door you will see a hint of a “White Winter Wonder Land”

Christmas Hallway Display

But before we hit that “White Christmas”, let’s have a little look at the hallway table!

Christmas Hall Table Display

The red and gold Christmas Tree was given to me as a gift a couple of years ago which was filled with lollies! Of course the lollies are all gone but the tin makes a great festive ornament.

Now for one of my favourite rooms!

“My White Christmas”

White Christmas Tree

After watching different decorating ideas on YouTube and then watching a movie that had a Christmas scene in it. I had a brilliant idea of hanging icicle lights from the ceiling. Once I figured out how I was going to get them up (needing not just a tall ladder but a tall person aka my son), I then thought how nice it would look having snowflakes falling. I found the big snowflakes (you can see in the picture below) at Target Country and the thinner ones at Coles.

Christmas snowflakes

I just love this bird which I found at Woolworth’s!Christmas Ball

In the same room – Lounge/Family Room you will find more of the thinner snowflakes from Coles. With the bigger one in the middle of the reef.

Christmas Fire Place

I like the idea of turning everyday household things into decorations like this preserving jar!Christmas Vase

Angel Reef

Both of the Angel and Snowflake Reefs were handmade and given to me as a Christmas present last year by a dear friend of mine. Anne is one crafty lady. I can feel the love in each one when I bring them out!

Snowflake Reef


“Mr Snowman”


Mr Snowman is actually one of my creations. My father was having a garage sale and he told me a little story about this jar that he received as a present. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it would make a great snowman and it did!

“The Train Scene”

Christmas train display

This particular scene I have been collecting over the years. The actual train set I purchased to put around our Christmas tree when our kids were little. I found the snow and some of the Christmas ornaments last year and just added to it this year.Christmas Toy Shop Display

Now on to the Dining Room!

Christmas Dining Table


Hutch - Christmas Display

Santa’s hat is another ornament I decided to make this year. While visiting my local charity shop I happened to find some cones to make this hat. I had actually been looking for them in our local shops but couldn’t find any. I guess it was my lucky day.

Christmas Angel Display

This angel is probably one of my favorite ornaments. I had bought her when I was first married. When her wings light up it is just beautiful!

Christmas Tree

Christmas Display

You know how people have the “Elf on the shelf”, well by the time I found out about him my kids were a bit past that stage. Last year I found this Elf which is probably a little bit big to do some of the things that the Elf on the shelf does, so this year I thought he might look good behind the bar serving drinks!

Christmas Hutch DisplaySome other objects I found around the home that I thought would look good as Christmas decorations were:

  • my bridal bouquet – I just added little balls
  • the lion – added the tinsel
  • a crystal vase – some tree leave, flowers and balls

Such quick and easy things to do!

Christmas Display on Staircase

Stay tuned for the reveal of my kitchen!  “How to survive in the kitchen this Christmas” can be found by clicking the link here! Just a little hint it is also about staying cool but has nothing to do with snow and it is something us Aussies like to do this time of the year!

I asked my husband the other day if he thought I went a little overboard this year! He said he wouldn’t answer my question on the grounds that he may incriminate himself. Lol

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing You A Merry Christmas Sign







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