How To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall

Having a cozy home throughout the fall

Although it is Spring here in Australia, we are still having some cool days and nights. So before I completely pack away all these warm, cozy things, I wanted to share with those that are now in fall how we keep warm through those cooler months.

how to make your home ready for fall


The very first thing I like to do when it turns cooler is have:

  • window and glass door coverings – whether it is blinds or curtain
  • for the doorways – I use draft stoppers (snakes), so that the cool air isn’t coming under the doors

Handy Tip:  

1. Be sure to open the curtains on those nice sunny days as it will help to warm the house.

2. Close off all rooms that are not being used. This way it is not costing you extra in heating.

3. If you have doorways that lead into hallways and rooms that can’t be blocked off and are not being used, consider putting up curtains in these areas. The living areas will stay warm and cozy.

Blankets/Throw Rugs

I love using blankets! We have them everywhere.

There are so many things you can do with blankets when they are not being used. Gone are the days when you hid them in the cupboard and pulled them out when needed.

They can be displayed:

  • in a basket
  • draped across your seating/bed
  • in a trunk
  • an opened blanket box/chest

Have you got a favorite place to store yours through out the cold months?

Cozy Lounge

Cozy Lounge


What is your preference, electric, gas or wood?

Personally I love wood. It not only heats the room but is great when you need to get clothes dry. Why waste money using the clothes dryer when you can use your heater as a dual purpose!


Cozening up with the wood heater


Handy Tip: 

1. If you have a ceiling fan – put it onto reverse to send the heat back down to keep the room warm.

2. Throughout the year I shred paper that we no longer need. I then soak it and turn it into paper bricks for the heater. It takes a while to burn which means I don’t use as much wood.


Time to switch up the bed linen:

  • Woolen Underlay
  • From Summer to Winter sheets
  • Adding Blankets
  • Using a cover that is designed for the cooler months eg:  a doona or quilt
  • Electric Blanket (I personally don’t use one, it’s one expense I feel I don’t need. I know they are lovely and warm when you get into bed but that is just my preference not to use one.)

Handy Tip:  Have the best quality sheets/covers you can afford. Most people sleep at least 5-8 hours a night (or day in the case of shift workers) and we all need quality sleep to perform our best the next day.


Cozy Master Bedroom

Cozy Master Bedroom

Cozy Nook or Chair

A nice warm cozy place to read, be on the laptop or even just stare out the window on those lazy days.

Cozy Chair

Cozy Chair


It’s nice having a comfy chair and a blanket where you can sit and read by yourself or share that book with your kids or maybe you have grandchildren!


Cozy Nook

Cozy Nook

Everyone needs a little me time, this is where I enjoy mine throughout the colder months (even my dog loves to sun herself here).

Do you have any cozy tips that you would like to share. I am sure that we would all like hear them. Please leave your tips in the comments below.

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