Do It Yourself Halloween – Coffin

Making Your Own Halloween Coffin!

With Halloween not very far away, I thought it was a good time to show another DIY project. Have you ever wondered how these crafty people make a coffin for Halloween? I asked a good friend of mine, Anne to show me how she made hers.It turns out it is not a very hard or complicated project to do. You will be able to get your house looking spooky in no time at all.

Do It Yourself Halloween-Coffin
A little bit about Anne – she has a love of DIY, scrapbooking, cooking and decorating. You are able to find more of her projects on Pinterest Lady Annabelles Emporium and on Instagram lady_annabelles_emporium.

Materials Needed:

– Cardboard box
– Hot glue gun
– Ruler and pen
– Black paint
– Nail polish
– Enamel dots

Step 1:

Open out box and draw out coffin design

Coffin Template 1

Draw Outline

Step 2:

Cut out and duplicate to make a top and bottom

Top & Bottom of Coffin

Top and Bottom

Step 3:

Measure and cut out side panels

Coffin Template

Coffin Template

Step 4:

Using hot glue join together bottom and all edges

glueing coffin together

Glue Together

Step 5:

Paint the coffin black all over

Coffin painted black

Paint the coffin black

Step 6:

Add character and paint, I added extra cardboard box the the corners of the coffin and top. I also used the extra cardboard to make a hand and applied hot glue to give it a creepy texture.

creepy hand for coffin

Creepy Hand

Step 7:

Add details to spooky designs – here I painted black and wiped away excess paint to reveal the design of hand and painted nails with nail polish

Spooky hand on coffin

Spooky hand

Step 8:

Add any finishing touches, here I coloured the enamel dots black to make it look like nail heads

coffin completed for Halloween

Coffin completed for Halloween

I love how the coffin worked out. Thank you Anne for showing us how to make a coffin for Halloween. Would like to see more of Anne’s DIY’s, crafts or scrapbooking, you can find her on Pinterest Here and Instagram Here!

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I would love to hear what you are putting together for Halloween! You can let us all know by sharing in the comments below or if you love sharing your photos on Instagram don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @fiona_loves_organising and @lady_annabelles_emporium. We would love to see them. Hoping you are having a great week.


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