5 Fall Family Fun Things To Do

“Fall Family Fun”

Fall family fun doesn’t have to be family only. It certainly doesn’t have to be all about the children. Why not invite your neighbours and friends to join in. Most of all it doesn’t have to break the budget. Fun for all!

So here are my top 5 tips for having family fun this fall:

 5 Fall Family Fun Things To Do

Tip 1:  Go outside

Do you have one or more trees that are loosing their leaves? Are you needing to clean the leaves up but not wanting to do the work? Why not make a game of it and have some fun.

With the weather cooling off and the leaves falling off the trees, what better time to get out there and have some fun before it really gets cold.

Tree Climbing

Have fun climbing trees

When I was a kid I remember we would climb my grandparents tree. We had so much fun. As we don’t have a tree at our house to climb, my daughter has had the pleasure of climbing in the tree at a friends house. (Was I nervous about my child climbing trees? Hell yeah! But with supervision and trust, I was able to give her the same experience I had growing up.)

Play In The Leaves - Fall Family Fun

Big Kids Also Like Playing In The Leaves

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun. Get out there and enjoy yourself!

Tip 2: Exploring nature outside of your own surroundings

  • Got a spare weekend with nothing to do or maybe it is school holidays – why not take the kids nature walking picking up pine cones for that next craft or decorating project.
  • Know a farmer? See if you can do a tractor ride. Maybe you could feed the animals.
  • Even though it maybe cool, it is still a great time to check out the garden displays. Winter for us here in Australia is in July and the Hunter Valley Gardens in NSW have a Christmas in July Theme, it is so much fun for both kids and adults.
Mad Hatter - Hunter Valley Gardens

The Mad Hatter at Hunter Valley Gardens

  • The zoo is another fun activity that the kids love. They get to see animals that they would not normally see.
Visiting the zoo

Check out the animals at the zoo

Tip 3: Decorating

Now that you have explored outside, you’ve found some pine cones to decorate with. Or you brought some of those leaves inside for the kids to make their own creations, why not take the time now to do a bit of decorating. Before buying any new decorations, look around your home for any hidden treasure that you can bring to life.


Cozening up with the wood heater

“Passing down from one generation to another.”

Giving the old a new purpose – The wood heater in the above photo that fits so nicely, has come from my husbands parents home. While the trunk was once used by my grandfather!

Halloween Decorating

Decorating your hall table for Halloween

Halloween isn’t in our “Fall Season”, but for those of you that celebrate Halloween in Fall I have included this photo. Once again I shopped around my house first before buying anything new.

Need more Halloween decorating ideas you might like to make a coffin or make your very own “BOO” sign.

Tip 4: Pull out the games

Why not brush off the dust on your games for a bit of fun? You could play:

  • Cards
  • Board games eg: monopoly
  • Twister
  • Naughts and crosses
  • Battle ships
  • Word games
  • Lego

What’s your favourite game to play?



Tip 5: Movie Night

A movie night is always fun. Set up a snack bar where everyone can help themselves. Get the popcorn maker out if you have one (if not pop some on the stove or in the microwave), and the marshmallows for that hot chocolate. You could do so many different snacks from lollies to chips to mini pizzas! You could do a theme night like scary movies for Halloween or Christmas movies in December!


Movie Night Snack Bar

Movie Night – Snack Bar

Hoping you have enjoyed these ideas. I would love to hear what “Fall Family Fun” things you enjoy doing, you can add these in the comments below. Enjoy!



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